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I have worked with thousands of Brides for the past 15 years and what I have learned is that not one Bride is the same. When I decided to open This Is Me Bridal Boutique, I had the Brides in mind. I wanted to create an environment where Brides can feel comfortable with who they are, inside and out, and be able to choose a gown that makes them feel like themselves - and not who they are expected to look like on their big day. We created an intimate environment that makes you feel homely, and not like you are in a retail store. Where you can sit back and relax and enjoy this special moment.


We've supported countless brides in the nearby regions of Broward County, Miami, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Palm Beach, Miami Gardens, and West Palm Beach in discovering the perfect gown for their special day!


Our hand picked selection of gowns are top notch. They match different personalities, whether you are a Traditional Bride, Non-Traditional Bride, Sexy/Glam etc ... We carry a variety of sample sizes ranging from size 12 to 34, but we can order most gowns from size 0 to 34. We are very budget friendly withs gowns starting at $1000 up. Our Motto Is, "Come in, have fun, and choose a gown that make you feel like you! Don't be beautiful like her, be beautiful like you."

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